Information Systems Management for your business:

Monthly Service Plan: offers regular weekly onsite service for companies with five to 500 computers.
The service plan pricing is geared to be competitive with the cost of hiring an employee
and with the service level expected from an experienced professional.

Capability and Coverage: provides you with an experienced I.T. manager every week, scheduled according to your current equipment and software inventory.

Included Services:
Scheduled weekly onsite computer support to promote the business objectives of your company.
Networking, printing, data back-up, e-mail, hardware / software installation and training.
Communication with management and staff.
Coordination with your corporate headquarters and outside vendors.
Cellular phone contact during unscheduled hours. (808) 280- 5212
Documentation of equipment inventory, licenses, locations and support phone numbers.
Preferred pricing for MONTHLY SERVICE PLAN customers.

Overtime and Extras:
Special projects which are scheduled outside of normal business hours are billed separately.

Travel-Time Charges:
May apply for air travel or remote locations.

Non-Service Plan Rate:
Assistance may be provided when possible to NON-SERVICE PLAN customers based on my availability.

Here is the checklist for smoothly operating information systems.

contact: (808) 280- 5212

trip @ triphill . com

Trip Hill is Novell Certified. Trip Hill is a college graduate.